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Welcome to our May 2010 Newsletter.

The renovations of our North and South Garden wings are well ahead of the schedule  and we have already started to bring on line some of our new Deluxe rooms. The completion of this third and final stage of the major renovations marks the complete upgrade to all rooms. In the latest upgrades we have just completed 144 rooms which included Executive suites, Kid's Suites and the transfromation of the old Superior Rooms now becoming Deluxe Rooms. The feedback we are getting with regards to the new rooms is amazing!

In this edition we introduce to you our new Director of Sales & Marketing, give you some latest flight news, tell you about our new Fish Spa, the World Cup comes to Gracie Kelly's and take a look at the latest Golden Lotus promotion, and a host of regular features.

Enjoy the read and we look forward to welcoming you to the new look Bali Dynasty Resort where you can "Make Friends for Life"




Our new Director of Sales

Bali Dynasty Resort is proud to announce the recent appointment of Nicoline Dolman as Director of Sales & Marketing.
Nicoline joins Bali Dynasty Resort from previous appointments at The Villas and the Sofitel in Seminyak and has lived and worked in Bali for over 8 years.
Her academic qualifications include five years of study in her home country, Holland, where Nicoline obtained Bachelor degrees in Hotel and Tourism Management.

Say hello to Nicoline the next time you visit the Bali Dynasty Resort!

Welcome aboard Nicoline!



Peking Duck Promotion at Golden Lotus

The Golden Lotus has a very special promotion on Peking Duck for just Rp299,000 valid till the 30th June 2010! That's a 38% saving on the normal price! Peking Duck has been a a signature dish of Golden Lotus for many years!

Peking Duck is served as three courses and every bit of the duck is utilised and provides enough food for up to 3 or 4 people. Firstly the crispy skin is rolled with spring onions and cucumber and accompanied with black bean sauce before being tightly rolled in a chinese pancake. Then the duck meat is served with a choice of dried chilli or black pepper sauce and accompanied with steamed rice and finished off with duck bone soup.   

The history of the Peking Duck can be traced as far back as the Yuan Dynasty (1206 - 1368). By the time of the early 15th century it had become one of the favourite dishes of the imperial Ming family. Enjoy the delicacy of the Roasted Duck on your next visit to Golden Lotus!

Don't forget to take advantage of our Dip'n'Dine Sundays valid till the end of May where you can enjoy a free pass to the pool after enjoying our sumptuous Dim Sum Buffet for just 85,000 nett. We open between 10am and 2.30pm every Sunday!



Golden Lotus Dim Sum Lunch

Every Sunday treat yourself to a spectacular Dim Sum Buffet Lunch. The Buffet starts at 10.00am. Dim Sum Buffet pricing for Adults is Rp.80.000 including Chinese Tea and Children under 12 years eat at half price including a Soft drink. Its great value!

On weekdays enjoy our extensive Dim Sum with an a la carte selection offering over 40 items.



Malam Bali at Tropical Cafe

Here’s one for your holiday ‘must do’ list!
Back by popular demand. As from June 1st every Friday at Tropical Café we present our ‘Malam Bali’ Theme Night Dinner.
Not only can you sample a Traditional Balinese Buffet, but also see an authentic Balinese Dance Performance during your Dinner.
To compliment your Dinner try our selection of Balinese Desserts and for the more daring we offer Balinese Arak and Rice Wine.
To complete your Bali Dining experience you can join the dance and have your photograph taken with the dancers. A Frog dance is featured offering you an opportunity for your kids to join in the dance.
All this for only Rp.170,000 net per adult and each accomanying kid aged 12 and under dines free! 


World Cup Live at Gracie Kelly's


World Cup fever grabs us at Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub commencing June 11th with the opening ceremony right through to the World Cup Final.
Follow your favorite side live on the big screen at Gracie Kelly’s while sipping an ice cold Bintang

Don’t forget its Heineken Buy One get One free every Monday from 9pm - 10pm in Gracie Kelly's!



Galungan and Kuningan

This year Galungan falls on the 12th of May and is a Balinese holiday that occurs every 210 days and lasts for 10 days. Kuningan is the last day of the holiday. Galungan means "When the Dharma is winning." During this holiday it is the belief that spirits of deceased ancestors and the Balinese gods visit the Earth and leave on Kuningan.

Occurring once in every 210 days in the pawukon (Balinese cycle of days), Galungan marks the beginning of the most important recurring religious ceremony that is celebrated by all Balinese. During the Galungan period the deified ancestors of the family descend to their former homes. They must be suitably entertained and welcomed, and prayers and offerings must be made for them. Those families who have ancestors that have not yet been cremated, but are still buried in the village cemetery, must make offerings at the graves.

Although Galungan falls on a Wednesday, most Balinese will begin their Galungan 'holiday' the day before, where the family is seen to be busily preparing offerings and cooking for the next day. While the women of the household have been busy for days before creating beautifully woven 'banten' (offerings made from young coconut fronds), the men of our village usually wake up well before dawn to join with their neighbours to slaughter a pig unlucky enough to be chosen to help celebrate this occasion. Then the finely diced pork is mashed to a pulp with a grinding stone, and moulded onto sate sticks that have been already prepared by whittling small sticks of bamboo. Chickens may also be chosen from the collection of free-range chickens that roam around the house compound. Delicate combinations of various vegetables, herbs and spices are also prepared by the men to make up a selection of 'lawar' dishes. While much of this cooking is for use in the offerings to be made at the family temple, by mid-morning, once all the cooking is done, it is time for the first of a series of satisfying feasts from what has been prepared. While the women continue to be kept busy with the preparations of the many offerings to be made at the family temple on the day of Galungan, the men also have another job to do this day, once the cooking is finished. A long bamboo pole, or 'penjor', is made to decorate the entrance to the family compound. By late Tuesday afternoon all over Bali the visitor can see these decorative poles creating a very festive atmosphere in the street.

On Wednesday, the day of Galungan, one will find that most Balinese will try to return to their own ancestral home at some stage during the day, even if they work in another part of the island. This is a very special day for families, where offerings are made to God and to the family ancestors who have come back to rest at this time in their family temple. As well as the family temple, visits are made to the village temple with offerings as well, and to the homes of other families who may have helped the family in some way over the past six months.

The day after Galungan is a time for a holiday, visiting friends, maybe taking the opportunity to head for the mountains for a picnic. Everyone is still seen to be in their 'Sunday best' as they take to the streets to enjoy the festive spirit that Galungan brings to Bali.



Flight News

Things are about to get a lot busier on the Perth to Bali route with Brisbane based Strategic Airlines planning to start a three times weekly service from Perth to Bali commencing in June
Air Asia is also about to increase it’s weekly Perth to Bali service from two flights a week to three as from June 1, meaning an extra seven services from 14 weekly to 21.
Cathay Pacific will offer passengers additional flights to Bali from Hong Kong during the months of July and August, Cathay Pacific will provide 4 additional flights to Bali operated by the carrier’s Airbus A330-300.
From Europe, Garuda will reintroduce their Amsterdam - Jakarta - Denpasar service commencing on June 1st.
It's all go for Bali airport where we are pleased to report that the fingerprinting and photographing of arriving tourists by the immigration that caused large delays has temporarily been suspended until more machines can be purchased to cope with the massive influx of arrivals through Ngurah Rai.


Fish Spa now at Bali Dynasty

In Asia over the past few years the cleansing of the skin in a Fish Spa has become a popular and increasingly fashionable Spa treatment.
Now available at the Bali Dynasty Resort, this unique treatment is something you really must try!
Treatment is very simple. The patient immerses their feet in with the fish. The fish will then feed gently upon the loose skin removing it in a not unpleasant tickly manner. The treatment is over in less than half an hour. The freshly cleaned and exfoliated skin feels smooth to the touch.
The fish we use are the Garra rufa, a gentle fish, removing the dead skin by a suction type nibble rather than just a nibble.
Also, it has been discovered that Garra rufa actually secretes an enzyme which has been shown to be beneficial to human skin. 
The Fish Spa is not a new idea. The most famous is the Kangal Spa in Turkey has been in operation since the early 1900's. 
Located at the Lower Lobby, give your feet at treat at Bali Dynasty Resort!


Be a Gracies Fan on Facebook

As our Facebook 'Fans of Gracie Kelly's' continues to grow, we would like to say thanks for all the great photographs and kind comments.
You can add your photos, comments and messages and become a fan of our Gracie Kelly's Irish Pub.

CLICK HERE and join.
You need to have an existing Facebook account.




Chelsea and Kelly

Here's a tender moment.....but Kelly the Pub Cat does that have effect on some people.
As soon as returnee guest Chelsea Free saw Kelly it was love at first sight!

Our freindly Kelly also took a shine to Chelsea and throughout Chelsea's three week stay at Bali Dynasty the pair were inseperable.

Seems like Kelly has a Fan Club!



Tour of the Month

Here’s a great day out that brings you close to the unspoiled nature of Bali where you still can find untouched flora and fauna. 
Drift down the exciting Siap Stream in the Payangan area (North of Ubud) in your own Inflatable raft and discover the many different species of plants and animals that make Bali their home. See groups of monkeys playing in the surrounding forests or see rare species of birds. You will be amazed how many different kinds of plants and flowers grow along the canyon.
Discover the hidden canyons of north Payangan, through which a crystal clear stream flows by floating down the canyon in your own Inflatable.
After arriving at the start point, professional guides give you detailed safety instructions for tubing and the flying fox. From there, a special Off Road car will transport you to the Canyon slope and after a short descent into the Canyon, your adventure begins!
At some of the canyon’s more challenging spots you can either choose to use the specially made flying fox or the conveniently constructed wooden footpaths that take you safely past the obstacles. So whether you go with your friends or your family, everybody will enjoy this great outdoor adventure.
For Bookings visit the Guest Activity Center just off the Lobby.


Our Star Performers

Every month we hold a staff gathering, where we celebrate our staff birthdays and present an update on new hotel products and services.  Here are our winners for April 2010.  These staff have excelled in their duties and the services offered to our guests.

Congratulations go out first to Hasir Zaid from the Food & Beverage Service Department, as Zaid is this month's Employee of the Month Front of the House.
Aid joined Bali Dynasty in 1991 and is married with three children.  You can always find Zaid at Tropical Café where he works as a Captain. Congratulations Zaid.

Our Employee of the Month Heart of the House goes to Wayan Asta Wiadi, who works at our Engineering Department.  Asta has been with the hotel since 2008 when he was employed following the completion of the renovations of our Studio wing where he had been responsible for the Air Conditioning installations. Asta is our air conditioning specialist!


And last but by no means least is our Supervisor of the Quarter Winner which goes to Dwie Purnamasari, or better known as Dwie.  Dwie has been with the hotel since 1990 and has two children.  Dwie works in the Sales Department and has the difficult task of managing the inventory of rooms.

Congratulations to all our winners.



What the Guests Say!

The Hospitality Lounge is a wonderful facility
Mrs. A, Holland

Were impressed with the rooms and the gardens and the overall grounds. The hotel is not only affordable to stay in but affordable to eat and drink here.
Congratulations on your efforts with the East Bali Poverty Project, it is a very worthwhile project and I am sure your support is appreciated.
Miss J. Australia

Lovely ladies in the kids club, funny men in the kids pool constantly playing with the kids.
Mr. & Mrs. R, Australia

I had a great experience for 5days with my mother, husband and my 2 year old. The breakfast was AWESOME and the staff Great! Thanks also for the CAKE as it was my husband's birthday. You have truly made a difference and my best to the General Manager and the staff for being so kind. The People's smiling faces made it truly a Balinese experience. I have been to Bali almost 15 times but this time it stood out and I will remember BALI DYNASTY. TERIMA KASIH!!
Mr. L, Netherlands


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