Environmental Policy

Green Globe is the global Benchmarking and Certification programme for sustainable Travel and Tourism. It is based on the Agenda 21 principles for Sustainable Development endorsed by 182 Heads of State at the United Nations Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992.

Green Globe provides a framework for organisations to achieve the desired outcomes for sustainable tourism as set out in the final report of the World Summit for Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002.

Green Globe complies with the Mohonk Agreement which outlines the guidelines and
principles for an International Sustainable Tourism Certification Programme.

Green Globe partners with Travel and Tourism organisations to achieve and maintain good environmental and social practice, deliver maximum benefit to all interested parties and provide choice for concerned consumers.

The Green Globe brand signifies better environmental and social performance, improved
community interactions and savings through more efficient use of resources. It provides
recognition and promotional support to a global consumer market.



The Bali Dynasty Resort is a 313-room 4-star+ resort located seaside on South Kuta Beach.  We are just 10 minutes' from the airport and within walking distance of the main shopping, leisure, dining and tourist areas.  The 2.5 hectare resort is nestled within tropical gardens of palm and banyan trees with many Koi fish and ducks.  We recognise the Balinese Hindu cultural importance of the four special religious trees - Banyan, Nagasari, Badung and Majegau.  We have been awarded the Emerald and Gold Medal of Tri Hita Karana award which recognises the business' understanding of the positive relationship between humans and God, humans and the environment and between fellow humans.

The Resort offers guest accommodation for both families and couples.  The hotel also offers six restaurants and five bars, three swimming pools, a departure lounge, hair salon, shops, meeting rooms, beach club and Kids' club, spa and island tours.
We are located within three banjars (local communities) and 85% of our employees live within a 20km radius. 

We are committed to continual improvement by monitoring and recording our environmental impacts using the earth check software to review and measure results.

We are committed to legal compliance and hold the following licences and permits: Hotel licence, alcohol licence, workplace safety licences, food and hygiene certifications, deep well licence etc.

We will have a purchasing policy that prefers local and environmentally-friendly suppliers and products.

Our General Manager, Mr Didit Indra Purnawarman is our Green Team Leader and has endorsed and signed this policy.

This policy will be communicated to all staff and key stake holders and is available in our lobby, on our staff notice boards, in our guest rooms, included in our sales and marketing collateral, on our website, in our e-mail stationery, weekly staff news, monthly newsletter, with our suppliers, upon invoices, given and presented to our communities, framed in all offices in English and Indonesian. 

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated.

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