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How can I check my rewards balance?
You may check your rewards balance at anytime by following this link . Points for the month you accumulated them in will only appear after the 10th of the following month.

When will I be notified of my points balance?
If you have stayed in a particular month you will receive a detailed balance of points accumulated by the 10th of the following month. This statement will detail the points earned on room night stays, food and beverage as well as Spa spend.

Will I earn points on room stays whichever way I book?
No, you will only earn points on room nights that you book through a travel agents, wholesaler or the hotel directly. 

I am not sure of my rewards number
If you have never stayed with us before and not yet made a reservation your Rewards number will not be generated until you make a reservation. If you have stayed with us before or have a pending reservation with us then please write to our Rewards Team who will give you your number for quoting with all future reservations - rewards@balidynasty.com

Can we get points retrospectively on a previous stay? 
You cannot earn points retrospectively and you must notify the hotel of your rewards number on check in or before you check out in order to qualify for rewards points.

 Can I earn points on Food, Drink and Spa?
Yes you can earn points on food drinks and spa but only when you charge these items to your room. If you choose to pay cash in one of our bars or restaurants then we are unable to track this and therefore cannot award you points. 

How can I use my points?
You will see a basic list of point redemptions listed here. There will be promotions from time to time which you will be informed of in our Dynasty Rewards Members newsletter. This will enable you to take advantage of point redemption offers at certain times for less. 

How many nights can I redeem at once?
You may redeem up to 5 nights per stay

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