March 2009

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March 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to our March 2009 Newsletter.

Early March and the month of February are historically very quiet for the Bali Dynasty Resort and this year is no exception! As February always sees the worst of the rainy season (which this year has been heavy!) visitors from the South Pacific enjoy their summer and those from Northern Europe tend to try and escape the cold and travel to Bali for warmer climes! The business from Northern Europe and Northern Asia is what keeps us going at this time.

In this edition of our March Newsletter we look at the new Pronmotions and Activities happening around the resort plus news from the 'Back to Bali Dynasty' Party in Perth.
Gracie Kelly's Irish Pub prepares for its busiest night of the year, St. Patrick's Day on the 17th March and looking ahead to the 26th March, we celebrate Hari Raya Nyepi, which is the New Year for Balinese Hindus.  On this very auspicious occasion, many ceremonies and rituals are held throughout the Island of Bali.

We continue to increase the strength of our security and we appreciate that sometimes this can be a little inconvenient however we thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

If you are a returnee guest or new to Bali Dynasty Resort we hope you enjoy our new facilities and our great variety of cuisine and beverages with great value for money.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bali Dynasty Resort.

Have a great Holiday!

'Back to Bali Dynasty' Party in Perth

The Back to Bali Dynasty Party at the WA Italian Club in Perth on Saturday 7th February was a resounding success with over 400 Bali Dynasty Resort guests showing up to support our Annual Charity Fundraiser.
With over 100 Raffle prizes to be won and sponsorship from our travel partners in Perth who consistently support the event, the event attracted a record attendance.
The annual event has been the major fundraiser for the Bali Dynasty Resort Charity Effort which was established in 2000 in conjunction with the East Bali Poverty Project to give hope to over 100 impoverished Children in North Eastern Bali through a chance of education.
It was also an opportunity to renew ties with some staff members who came down for the event, enjoy a dinner and entertainment and participate in the highlight of the event; the raffle where guests won Air Tickets and holidays at the Bali Dynasty Resort.
This years event was made possible through the support of Garuda Indonesia Airlines and Pacific Blue Airlines, as well as major wholesalers including Asia Escape, Creative Holidays, Freestyle Holidays, New Horizons Holidays, and Qantas and Viva Holidays. Additional sponsorship was made by Bali Taksu Tours & Travel and Beer Bintang and over 50 of the major tour and attraction companies around Bali.
We thank everyone for their tremendous support and Congratulations to all the winners.

St. Patrick's day at Gracie Kelly's

March 17th, St. Patrick s Day has become an institution around the world as a day to don your best green outfit and celebrate hard the way the Irish do.
Gracie Kelly's will once again be a bustling haven for those wanting to celebrate St Patrick's Day in true Irish fashion.
Did you know that the person who was to become St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was actually born in Wales about AD 385. His given name was Maewyn, and he almost didn't get the job of bishop of Ireland because he lacked the required scholarship.
After changing his name to Patrick, his mission in Ireland lasted for thirty years. After that time, Patrick retired to County Down. He died on March 17th in AD 461. That day has been commemorated as St. Patrick's Day ever since.
Its one of the biggest nights of the year in Gracie Kellys and this year will be no exception; when everyone and everything will turn green, including the beer!
With prizes for the best green fancy dress competition, bartender show, lucky draw, green beer and cocktails on sale and our resident band the Rais Paddies rocking the blarney stone off its foundations, its sure to be a night not to be be sure!

Dinner at SEN5ES

SEN5ES is the new restaurant at the Bali Dynasty Resort, providing informal dining in a simple but elegant setting. As the name suggests, smell, sight, sound, taste and touch are all stimulated by the open kitchen concept in which chefs prepare food in front of the guests.  
Formerly the Coffee Garden, the new Sen5es opens for both Breakfast and now Dinner. The open concept kitchen and large granite counters allow the Chefs to cook and top up the Buffet directly, allowing fresher, hotter food. The state of the art induction cookers ensure that the food is piping hot throughout the breakfast service.
SEN5ES is spacious, accommodating up to 142 people inside and 25 people on the adjacent private terrace. The additional seating capacity cuts down the queues at breakfast and enables people to be seated and served more efficiently.
In the evenings SEN5ES adopts a Pan-Asian theme with Chefs cooking in the show kitchen behind the wok. A choice of Noodles, Salads and other mains is offered, all with Asian herbs and spices such as lemon grass, ginger, and coriander served in over-sized bowls.
SEN5ES is now open for Dinner every night from 6pm to 10.30pm

Theme Nights at Tropical Cafe

Theres Special Added Value in dining at our Tropical Cafe Theme night dinners.
Dont forget Bali Dynasty Resorts Extra Family Value! Up to 2 kids 12 years and under EAT FREE from the Buffet when accompanied by two full paying Adults.

Monday Night is ITALIAN PASTA & PIZZA Night at Rp.120,000 net.
A wide variety of fresh pasta dishes with rich authentic sauces and theres Pizza too! And dont miss the Kids fashion show at 7.30pm!  

Thursday Night is SATAY NIGHT at Rp.120,000 net.
A real Bali Dynasty favourite. Savour the exotic flavours of our char grilled Chicken, Beef and Pork skewers.

Saturday Night is AUSSIE BBQ Night at Rp.130,000 net.    
The ultimate cure for homesickness is our popular Aussie BBQ. Choose from prime cuts of juicy Australian Steaks, BBQ Chicken, Beef Sausages and a choice of Soup or Salad.

All prices are net and inclusive of Tax and Service at 21%

Golden Lotus Promotion

Special Promotion -  Bak kut teh
This Quarters promotion at the Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant is Bak kut teh which is a Chinese soup popularly served in Malaysia, Singapore, China and Thailand. The name literally translates as "meat bone tea", and, at its simplest, consists of meaty pork ribs in a complex broth of herbs and spices (including star anise, cinnamon, cloves, dang gui, and garlic).
However, additional ingredients may include varieties of mushroom, lettuce, and pieces of dried tofu. Light and dark soy sauce are also added to the soup during cooking, with varying amounts depending on the variant.
Bak kut teh was introduced to Malaysia in the 19th century by Chinese workers from Hong Kong, Canton and Fujian. They ate Bak kut teh for gaining energy and is usually eaten with Rice or Noodles, and often served with youtiao (strips of fried dough) for dipping into the soup. Soy sauce is preferred as a condiment, with which chopped chilli padi and minced garlic is taken together.
You can try Bak kut teh at the Golden Lotus up until the end of June.
Price Rp.70.000 net.
For information and reservations, please call Golden Lotus @Bali Dynasty Resort  753403, Ext. 8502

Nyepi day of Silence in Bali

Thursday the 26th March is Hari Raya Nyepi and the New Year for Balinese Hindus celebrating the Caka Year of 1930.  Many colourful ceremonies and rituals are held throughout the Island.
Firstly a Purification Ceremony, known locally as Melasti, is held on Monday, 23rd March. Offerings and holy objects such as statues and kris line the path of the colourful procession leading to the beach for a ritual cleansing.  Flowers fill the beach and prayers fill the air as pilgrims cleanse themselves in the sea. 
The climax of ritual activity is on the eve of Nyepi, the darkest night of the new moon. During these solemn, powerful hours, priests throughout Bali will be praying to appease the demons and honor the Gods in an attempt to harmonize the conflicting universal powers of good and evil. It is also the night of the Ogoh Ogoh (paper mache statues) parade and not to be missed.
The 26th March is the first day of the Caka New Year, also known as Hari Raya Nyepi, is a Day of Complete Silence in Bali.  The whole island will be void of people on the streets (since it is mandatory for everyone to stay indoors) or on the hotel premises and there shall be no noise, no lights and no activities whatsoever.  The whole island of Bali will appear deserted and therefore it is believed that the evil spirits will pass over the island. Nyepi in Bali is an amazing experience if you are lucky enough to be here for it.
At the resort, the evening before Nyepi we will again be asking guests to dress up in sarongs and join our hotel Ogoh Ogoh ritual by helping us carry our Ogoh Ogoh around the resort to chase away evil spirits and then carry the Ogoh Ogoh down through the resort to the beach where we will ceremonially burn it.
We are offering a full day of pool activities at the resort throught Nyepi day, including Quiz Night at Gracie Kelly's in the evening.

Charity Update

At the end of January, a brand-new creative writing course was made available to the senior high school students, and the results so far have been astounding.  Created with the help of an American EBPP volunteer, the program encourages the children to investigate and report on various community developments, interview a wide variety of subjects and explore their imaginations through the medium of writing.  Classes are held twice a week -- the first designed to teach the requisite skills of creative writing and the second to review and improve upon each student's work. 

Another of Pengalusan's developments comes via their well-established Karate program, a registered affiliate of the prestigious International Karatedo Association (INKAI).  Pak Mangku Pasek, a 2nd dan black belt and former Indonesian champion, has helped develop and maintain the program since December 2006 and the programme's success has closely mirrored that of its instructor.  Currently, there are 4 brown belts, 8 blue belts, 8 green belts and 6 yellow belts among the children, and their enthusiasm to learn, improve and advance in ranking is stronger than ever.  David Booth, founder of the EBPP, hopes the program will have produced a national champion within the next 3 years!

Finally, students in the Pengalusan senior high school have begun a program to design and create handicrafts using dried, locally-grown vetiver grass.  Armed with the help of EBPP volunteers, as well as internationally-successful designers who have already pledged their time and efforts to the program, the children's skills and their enthusiasm for the program are growing rapidly.  It is our hope that this program will kindle a sustainable, community-based business, the end products of which can be sold in both local and international markets alike.
If you take a look at our Make a Difference program which you can find HERE it will give you an idea of what type of projects the Children are now involved in.
The program is basically a wish list of some very much needed items the children require for their education projects.

Tour of the Month - Bali Adventure Tours

Bali Adventure Tours is one of the islands first and foremost Tour operators.
They offer a variety of Adventure Tours such as White Water Rafting on the Ayung River, Mountain Cycling from Lake Batur, and Jungle, Village and Rice Paddy Trekking all culminating with Lunch at their world famous Elephant Safari Park in Taro.
Set amidst lush tropical gardens, the Elephant Safari Park is home to endangered Sumatran Elephants where visitors can ride, feed and interact with the Elephants. The Parks Facilities include a 200 seat Restaurant serving both Local and International cuisine and an Elephant Museum and Gift Shop. Visitors can also see a daily free Elephant Show when the Elephants show how talented they really are and even show off their painting skills!
Bali Adventure Tours also offer a combination of their tours and special Family Value Packages.
For the full range of Bali Adventure Tours and for bookings visit our Guest Activity Center.

Giri goes 'Down Under

2009 has certainly been quite a year for Giri, our popular waiter at Gracie Kellys.
In early February Giri joined other Bali Dynasty Resort staff members for the annual Back to Bali Dynasty party in Perth, it was Giris first trip to Australia and as soon as he returned home to Bali he became a father for the first time, when his wife Saka gave birth to a bouncing baby boy Putu Yoga Mahendra.
We asked Giri what he thought of Australia. Over to you Giri.
Our arrival at Perth Airport was amazing, as some of our returnee guests were waiting for us at the Arrival Hall carrying large signs with our names on, we felt really special. The people in Perth are so friendly, they took us sightseeing everywhere and the shopping there was amazing. We also all enjoyed meeting our returnee guests again at our big Charity party night.
The food in Australia was great, although I did have the odd craving for my Nasi or Noodle from time to time. My favourite part was when we all visited the Kings Park and did some crazy body surfing down the hill, that was fun!
Would I go back again? You bet I would, maybe with my wife and new son next time

Our Star Performers

Our Employee of the Month (Heart of the House) for January was Wayan Suliati from the Housekeeping Department, or known to her friends as Suli.
Suli joined Bali Dynasty Resort in 1996 and is the Mother of two children. She says her sons keep her busy at home and most Sundays are spent swimming at the beach.
Suli enjoys practicing her English with our hotel guests.

The Employee of the Month (Front of the House) for January would be a familiar face to most of you, as its Anom, our friendly Barman at Gracie Kellys. Anom joined Bali Dynasty Resort in 1992 and has worked mainly in the F&B Department. Anom and his son are both football crazy and enjoy watching the English League.

Congratulations to our Winners!

What the Guests say

Thanks for our excellent welcome when we arrived, we immediately felt at home, even before we entered our room!
Mr & Mrs. T, Australia.

The Sunset bar Terrace is a very nice touch, it was full most nights we were there and is a great meeting point at sunset.
Ms. F, Australia.

Our boys had an allergy to nuts, your staff handled the situation perfectly and kept us all happy.
Although we were there during the renovations it didnt really bother us. In fact we are looking forward to coming back next year and staying in one of the new rooms.
Mrs. J, Australia.

We tried your new Indian restaurant and were very impressed. The Mild version of the Curry was a perfect introduction for my son who wanted to try for the first time. He loved it!
Mr. H, UK.

Having SEN5ES open for dinner was a nice surprise. I must say the Asian food there was a delight, well done!
Mrs. R, Australia

Another enjoyable stay at Dynasty. We love the atmosphere and always meet new friends at the bar. Our two kids made loads of new friends too, they loved Helen, the Kids Club staff, and was close to tears the day we went home!
Mr. & Mrs. L, Australia.

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