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Welcome to our New Look!

A new look Newsletter to match the new look for the hotel!

All major renovations are now complete for 2008 and as you will see they have made quite a difference to the resort and it has been complimented by many of our returnee guests.
Work is continuing in the main gate area as we complete a new restaurant facility and a new motorbike parking area for the staff. Disruption from this is minimal since it is only impacting the outer perimeter of the hotel and is not within the hotel compound.

In this month?s edition as well as updating you on what's new around the resort there is also some news about more flights out of Australia to meet the current undersupply. There?s also news on our Independence Day celebrations and a very special trip made to our charity project.




Great News! More Flights!

Garuda Indonesia Airlines are finally addressing the increase in demand for Bali by Australians.
Garuda have recently announced an increase in flights between Australia to Bali from all ports over the next couple of months. Darwin moves from 2 to 3 flights weekly in late June, Melbourne moves from 3 to 4 flights weekly in late July and 4 to 5 weekly in early September. Perth increases to 3 times daily in mid/late August and Sydney is adding a 6th weekly flight in early September.

Ozjet have also announced an additional 2 flights to Bali from Perth as of the 5th September.


Check out our Survey

We receive over 20 comment cards per day, and all the information we receive not only forms the focus of the daily management meetings but also gets entered into a database in order to enable us to evaluate the various areas and identify points for improvements.

To take this to the next stage we are now introducing our On Line Survey which will be conducted from time to time through our monthly newsletter to encourage you to give us your ideas and feedback and the opportunity to win some great prizes!
To take part in this months survey click here

Every month you can win a Buffet Dinner for Two in our Survey Lucky Draw.


Wi - Fi Hotspot

As part of our plans to have coverage throughout the resort; our Wi-Fi coverage now covers the Lobby area, Tropical Cafe, Caf Piazza and all Inner garden facing rooms as well as all the new Studio Rooms.

Hot Spot Cards can be purchased at the Guest Activity Center at Rp.45,000 for 1 hour used (validity 24 hours) or Rp.100,000 for 4 hours (validity 3 days). We hope to have completed full hotel coverage by September.


The New Lobby and D' Lounge

Now fully completed, guests have commented on how the new Lobby has a much more light, spacious and contemporary feel about it.

With the added attraction of the new D Lounge which boasts large comfortable sofas in which to relax and watch the goings on in the lobby as well as featuring wireless internet access, you may enjoy a sundowner Cocktail or a night cap. The chic cocktail bar is open daily from 4pm and features a modern white onyx bar top, which as the sun sets has special lighting effects which make the bar gradually change colour adding to the atmosphere. The central feature of the D Lounge is the grand piano, which can even play by itself!


Room Upgrades

Our twenty seven new modern and contemporary studio rooms are tastefully furnished and offer a new class of accommodation. Overlooking the front duck pond and main entrance, these new concept rooms have been totally revamped and accommodate up to five people. New balconies offer an uninterrupted view of the duck pond and waterfalls and enable parents to enjoy a relaxing area whilst the children are sleeping. Adjacent to the balcony; the master bedroom area is divided from the other sleeping area, which accommodates a large bunk bed and trundle bed (sleeping three) with a full sliding glass partition allowing greater privacy. Each section has a large flat LCD TV and can access a central DVD player. The bathroom features a rain shower with oversized shower tray which enables small kids to bathe and the double sink unit better caters to the multiple room occupants.

All Bali Dynasty rooms have enjoyed a soft refurb with soft furnishings, including new curtains, cushions, throw pillows and pictures to give a more modern and fresh appearance. The new fabrics use their bright rich colours to match the current dcor and paintings and have included new curtains, bed valance, loose and fixed chair cushions and throw pillows and bed runner which give a brighter and fresher appearance to the rooms. The soft refurb is due to be completed by the end of August!


Tropical Cafe Theme Nights

Our nightly themed Dinner evenings are growing ever increasingly popular and it has become necessary to book in advance in order to get a table! Each themed night Dinner is accompanied by nightly entertainment. Kids 12 and under eat free from the buffet when accompanied by a full paying adult making it unbelievable value that a family of four can dine for little more than US$30 on an 'eat as much as you like' buffet.

Each night adopts a different theme:  Italian Pasta Pizza Night with Kids Fashion Show every Monday, Jimbaran Grilled Seafood Night every Tuesday, Wild West Wednesday every Wednesday, Satay Night every Thursday, Malam Bali Night every Friday, Aussie BBQ Night every Saturday and Roast Night every Sunday.


Golden Lotus

Our Golden Lotus restaurant has enjoyed a few months of being MSG free and the new concept has been met very favourably by our guests. MSG or Monosodium Glutamate is a well known flavour enhancer, however many people suffer adverse affects from it; whether just a little or excessive amounts. For this reason it was decided to remove all MSG from the Chinese Restaurant and make it completely MSG free.


Kid's Gang Membership

We officially launched our new Kids Gang Membership recently in which Kids from 4 to 12 years old are eligible to join and for only Rp.200,000 for a two year membership the Kids receive some great benefits and privileges.
Upon arrival at the resort, once Mum or Dad has filled out the Application form, the Kids will receive their Bali Dynasty Back Pack with a Kids Gang T-shirt, A Special Limited Edition Kids Gang Name Tag, Kids Gang Sipper Cup (that can be filled with a flavoured Ice Slush Drink FREE each second time) Bali Dynasty Keyring and Ruler, Kids Gang Sticker plus all members will receive a Kids Gang quarterly Newsletter with news from Froggy, Arya, Amy, Helen and all the other Pool Motivators and Kids Club Crew.
To enroll in the Gang just look for the Application form at the Kids Club or Towel hut when you arrive at the resort and simply fill out form and pay your Registration fee at Reception to receive your Goody bag., its as easy as that!
To be eligible to join you must be staying in the resort and can only enjoy the benefits whilst you are a registered guest.


East Bali Trip

Rose and Vince of Perth Western Australia, frequent guests at theDynasty were soinspired by the fundraising done at the Bali Dynasty Resort and great achievements of the East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) in helping the poor children of Bali that they felt compelled to help in some way.

They recently donated over 50 much needed chair tables for the kids to enable them to be more comfortable during class and have a good work surface to carry out their work.

On his latest trip to Bali; Vince wanted to see for himself what a difference his contribution had made to the school and test out the chairs!

We recently had an opportunity to interview Vince and undertsand his motivations for such a generous donation. Vinces comments come as an educator involved in all aspects of schooling right through to adult education for over three decades

Vince, what motivated you to make this donation?
A realisation of how lucky we are to have been born in the circumstances that we we are born, our good health, our capacity to earn a living and the blessing of a loving family and friends, including two grandsons inspired us to take the action of giving a gift of gratitude to those less fortunate.

We were further motivated by the desire toshare our good fortune with the Balinese community in appreciation for the hospitality, warmth and friendship we have received over many years whilst visiting Bali. Bali has become our second home and assisting the EBPP was one way for us to help those at home for whom poverty and lack of education was their inheritance.

Vince, what were your impressions following your trip to the village?
My impressions..........WOW!
Amazement - I was amazed by the many emotions the visit stirred in me
Disbelief I could not believe that the smiling, well dressed children I was seeing today were those crying, sick children whose images I had seen as recently as three of four years ago. The change from then to now was nothing short of a miracle!
Humility After watching David and his team I felt humbled by the sincerity, commitment and dedication blended with love that oozed throughout the community
Joy Words fail me in attempting to describe the joy that filled my heart when I witnessed and felt what was happening in the classrooms. There was a connection between all participants that I havent seen in a classroom for a very long time as the students hungrilyparticipated intheir lessons.

In conclusion theres a saying that "God helps those that help themselves". This visit has only made us more determined to achieve our goal to give the EBPP members a helping hand to help themselves. Having seen our gift used solely for the benefit of those in need we are motivated to actively continue our support of the EBPP children in whatever way we can and, we thank those around us who have shared their vision with us, including David and Robert.

We will soon be updating our "Charity Section" of the website with "Make a Difference!" whereby we will list various projects ranging from small to large which you might want to support and get involved in.


Tour of the Month

This month we look at Bali Tree Top Adventure Park near Bedugul.

65 Treetop challenges await the adventure seeker providing a truly memorable experience and amazing panoramic views. Challenges include a series of Ariel activities such as Flying Foxes, Rope Bridges and climbing challenges.

Each trail offers graded difficulty levels so as you progress from tree to tree the challenges increase and you progress at your own pace.Trails are for Adults and Children from ages 4 and up. The varying heights of the challenges on each trail range from 2 to 20 meters and you can experience the trail alone or as a group, or with friends or family. Throughout the entire trail you remain attached to a life-line support. Although the park uses natural resources for its challenges the park is quite environmentally friendly featuring protective half logs to prevent cables from cutting into trees and minimize tree trunk degradation and all trail platforms are held in place using an innovative compression system to protect trees from any damage.

The park offers specially trained Patrol Guides to explain how the complete circuit works, complete safety instructions and how to use the equipment.

For bookings contact our Guest Activities Center close to the hotel Lobby.


Indonesian Independence day

Indonesian Independence Day is soon to be upon us. On the 17th August office buildings are draped in red and white bunting, Shopping malls decorated in red and white and hold Independence Day sales and locals display large red and white flags outside their houses

Banjars (local councils) also organize a clean up of the area or kerja bakti. Drains are swept, weeds are cut back, debris is burned and public areas are repainted.

Special activities for the neighbourhood children are organized and requests are made for donations from homeowners to sponsor games and prizes for the children. Schools also hold contests to see which class can decorate their room in the most patriotic manner as well as holding games and races amongst classes. Locals are requested by the Banjar to fly the Indonesian flag for a set period of time before and after the big day.

But the most solemn ceremony of the day is the flag hoisting at the National Palace, televised live. Full of pomp and circumstance and conducted basically the same way each year, it is a spectacle of the greatest respect and honor for the flag and for the Republic.  

Meanwhile local neighbourhoods gear up for fun and games for the kids. Krupuk (shrimp chips) eating contests, games, races and lots of fun fill the day. The women are busy in cooking contests to see who can make the biggest krupuk or the most delicious nasi tumpeng (rice cone).
As a visitor to Bali you are always welcome to join in the neighborhood activities and spend time getting to know the friendly locals!

Here at the Dynasty we will getting in the mood for the Independence day as we conduct team activities including a beach clean up for all our staff in the weeks prior to the 17th August. Special interdepartmental contests are held which include Table Tennis, Chess, Water Pillow Fighting and Pool Volleyball, culminating on August the 17th after the hotels official flag raising ceremony where the best teams get the prizes!


Recognizing our Staff performers

Every month we hold a staff gathering, where we celebrate our staff birthdays and present an update on new hotel products and services.  Here are our winners for July 2008.  These staff have excelled in their duties and the services offered to our guests.  We also have a Guest Nomination Award and this award is chosen by our guests who fill in the guest nomination forms when they are departing the Resort after their holiday.

Guest Nomination      
Our Guest Nomination for June is Made Budiartini. Affectionately known as Tini by all the guests at Gracie Kellys, Tini joined Bali Dynasty in 1995. She is famous for her infectious smile and is always joking with her best friend and work colleague Ari.



Employee of the Month Front of the House   
Employee of the Month - Front of the House for June is Kadek Eka Sugita, or Gita to his friends. Gita has worked for Bali Dynasty since 2002 and is currently working at Tropical Caf. He is a hard worker and particularly enjoys working around the pool area of the Sunken bar.



Employee of the Month Heart of the House   
Employee of the Month Heart of the House for June is Made Sudama. Made has been with Dynasty since 1991 and currently works in the Accounting department. Made can often be seen with paper in hand walking between the various departments. Always smiling, Made is famous for always telling jokes to his co workers.


Guest Feedback

My father turned 70 years during our visit, so your staff organised for him to get a small cake & card sent up to his room. It was a lovely gesture & it will be his most memorable birthday.
Mr. M, Australia

This is our 10th trip to Bali. Have stayed at numerous hotels this is our 2nd time here, by far the best hotel & will be back same time in 2009.
Mr. & Mrs. H, Australia

We had a wonderful time. We will come again. I would love to bring my grandchildren they would just love it here.
Mr. & Mrs. R, Australia

Our children (10 & 6) loved the hotel particularly the pool, kids club and the activities. The staff at the pool were fantastic with the kids and the adults.
Mrs. O, Australia

We loved coming down to the pool bar and seeing the smiling faces and hearing the fun and laughter going on. The staff helped us in anyway and were pleased to see us return from last year
Ms. L. Australia


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