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Welcome to the May edition of Bali Dynasty Resort’s e-newsletter.

There are a lot of new things happening at the Resort in May. Early this month we opened the Family Suites, which were welcomed very positively. They have already started to sell out, so in case you haven’t yet booked a suite, we advise you to do so now. Gracie Kelly’s, Cafe Piazza and Ashoka Spa also introduced some new initiatives, all of which become a perfect reason to stay at Bali Dynasty Resort again (and again).

The fasting month has begun and if you are fasting, do not worry, we also cater for Sahur. Simply let our staff know in advance so that we can arrange one for you.

All in all, we hope that you enjoy reading the newsletter. We look forward to welcoming you at the Resort. See you soon.


Therapeutic Massage at Ashoka Spa

A new addition to Ashoka Spa’s extensive choice of treatments is the Therapeutic Massage. It is a natural and non invasive therapy without the side effects of many of the current-day pharmaceutical-based treatments. It is effective in treating or complementing the treatments of many conditions including musculoskeletal problems such as lower-back pain, frozen shoulder, slipped disc, and chronic stress-related disorders of the digestive or respiratory systems as well as insomnia.

Try the Therapeutic Massage at only IDR 475K nett for 90 minutes of treatment.


Cafe Piazza’s Tasty Treats

Give yourself a healthy dose of nature’s goodness in detox juice, available now at Cafe Piazza. Prepared from the freshest fruits and veggies, the juices are so delicious that everyone (including the little ones) will love them. Try the refreshing combination of orange, ginger & cucumber to reduce body heat, or choose the sweet creamy flavour of combined banana, pineapple & milk, which is rich in minerals and nutrients and believed to prevent constipation. Some other combinations are also available, each with their own natural benefits. Starting from only IDR 50,000 nett per portion, this is a healthy way to quench your cravings.

Another tasty treat for the sweet tooth is the popular Dutch stroopwafel, which is now available at Cafe Piazza. A famous accompaniment for coffee or tea, these amazing Dutch waffles consist of a thin layer of caramel-like syrup sandwiched between two wafers. Enjoy the stroopwafels in a traditional way, order a cup of hot coffee or tea, put the round disc on top of your mug and let the steam soften it for a couple of minutes. The steam heats the cookie and melts the inside layer so that it becomes warm and gooey, but if you can’t wait that long, stroopwafels are also great when eaten straight from the package. Stroopwafels are only IDR 40K nett per package, which contains 5 discs, or IDR 10K per piece.


New Happenings at Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub

If haven’t been to Gracie Kelly’s for a while, it’s time to start planning your next visit to our Irish Pub. As of May 2017, we have introduced some new events in addition to our twice-weekly Quiz Nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Here is a list of the new happenings at Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub:

Beer Pong Competition

The popular beer pong competition now comes to Gracie Kelly’s every Sunday and Wednesday from 7pm, thanks to the sponsorship of Prost Beer. Bring along some friends to join the fun game at only IDR 100K per person of which IDR 50K will go to charity.

Billiard Competition

Every Monday and Friday, we hold a billiard competition from 7pm. It’s free of charge; test your skills and you can win some prizes too!

Ladies Night

Every Saturday from 9pm – 11pm, ladies will enjoy free selected cocktails at Gracie Kelly’s.

Bring along some friends and spend a great evening singing and dancing, with our home band performing from 8pm nightly.


Bali Dynasty Resort Wins Employee of the Year

Two representatives of Bali Dynasty Resort: I Made Agus Pramadi and Ni Made Christine, from Front of the House and Back of the House respectively, won the “Employee of the Year 2016” trophy in the recent annual Prime Plaza Supervisor and Employee of the Year Award. Pramadi is currently the Bar Captain at H2O Restaurant, while Christine is the Sales Coordinator.

This is the first time that Bali Dynasty Resort has won the two prestigious titles at the same time, although we have won each of the titles separately on many occasions. This further confirms that our employees have consistently delivered genuine and exceptional service to all guests, and this has become the signature of Bali Dynasty Resort.

Didit Indra Purnawarman (General Manager of Bali Dynasty Resort) showed his appreciation to the winners by hosting an afternoon tea with all the Management. Thanking them for their dedication and commitment in delivering genuine service, Didit also emphasised that Bali Dynasty Resort always considers every employee to be an asset and will continue to invest in developing them. Congratulations Pramadi and Christine.


Family Surf by Aloha Bali

Add more excitement to your holiday by learning to surf with the whole family. Aloha Bali Surf, whose surf shack is located next to the main pool of the Resort, now invites all families to join in their family surf trip.

Specially designed for a family of four, the package is offered at only USD 175 nett per family. You will enjoy 2.5 hours of surfing with certified surf instructors. Rashguards, surfboards and all necessary equipment is provided, together with sunscreen, water and free transportation to and from the hotel.

In addition to the Family Surf Package, Aloha also offers surf lessons and classes for beginners, kids and more. Visit Aloha Bali Surf’s shack at the main pool to learn more or to sign up yourself (and your family) for any of their fun-tastic programmes.


Charity Update

When you are at the Resort, do not forget to adopt our cute little friend, the SoleTeddy. With a minimum donation of IDR 100,000 to the charity, you can take this teddy bear home.

SoleTeddy is just one of the many ways we raise funds to help the disadvantaged in Bali. You can also participate in the pool games, and pay $2 to join in the twice-weekly charity quiz nights at Gracie Kelly’s. To date, we have provided long-term support to a total of 7 people needing medical care or education, while constantly helping more and more people, every month, with one-off donations such as wheelchairs, mattresses, prosthetic legs, medical fees and more. This is made possible because of your generous support, so please allow us to thank you.

The current project, which we are going to start soon, is to build two toilet and shower blocks for the 20 families in Patas Village in North Bali who do not have these facilities. Help us to make this project come true.


Bali News

AirAsia Resume Flying from Mumbai; First Route to Bali

AirAsia has put Mumbai back on its map, with flights to Bali via Kuala Lumpur. This daily service started on Friday, 19 May 2017. The flight duration from Mumbai to Bali is 9hrs, 25min (departure at 10.50pm, arrival at 10.45am), while the return trip is 8hrs, 55min long (departure at 3.10pm, arrival at 9.35pm). Each journey includes an hour-long stopover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A 377-seater Airbus A330-300, with 12 flatbeds, is deployed for the service.

Indian tourists are eligible for a free 30-day visa-on-arrival when visiting Bali.


Bali Events

Bali Arts Festival

Locally known as 'Pesta Kesenian Bali', the Bali Arts Festival, which takes place from the second Saturday in June to the second Saturday in July, is an annual celebration of exhibitions and performances of various kinds of artworks and cultural achievements. This year will be its 38th event, which will run from 10 June until 8 July 2017.

The opening will be held at Niti Mandala Renon Square. Daily performances and exhibitions will be in Denpasar Art Centre, approximately 30 minutes’ drive from Bali Dynasty Resort.

Click here to find more about this great event.


Cultural News

Tumpek Kandang

Tumpek Kandang is a special day filled with dedicated blessings for animals, livestock and pets. Various offerings are made to the Hindu god Rudra for successful farming and animal welfare, aimed at the harmony of the environment and contributing to human sustenance and happiness.

The day is part of a series of other Tumpek days aimed at the blessings of different subjects, namely Tumpek Uduh for plants, Tumpek Landep for metal objects and tools, Tumpek Kuningan for ancestral spirits, Tumpek Wayang for wayang shadow puppets, and Tumpek Krulut for traditional gamelan musical instruments – all which occur in a 210-day cycle on the Pawukon calendar.


Tour of the Month - Going on a Safari in Bali

Enjoy the best safari experience in Bali at the home of hundreds of amazing animals representing over 60 species, including some rare and endangered species such as the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, and the Bali Mynah.

At Bali Safari & Marine Park, you can choose to enjoy your safari journey with the Safari Tram or from an elephant’s back with the Elephant Back Safari, interact with your favourite animal up close at the Animal Encounter space, experience the wildest fine dining moment surrounded by lions, meerkats, and porcupines at the Tsavo Lion restaurant, and unwind with the spectacular Bali Agung or Kecak Masterpiece shows at our state-of-the-art theatre in the park, or make your own big splash at our Water Park and Fun Zone.

Plan your visit to Bali Safari & Marine Park now. Get special discounts of up to 15% at our Tour & Information Centre off the main lobby at our Resort.


Dynasty Rewards

As an appreciation for your support in referring people to stay at the Bali Dynasty Resort, we have launched the Referral Programme which will allow you to collect points by referring new guests to stay at the Bali Dynasty Resort.

This programme is part of the Dynasty Rewards programme. You will earn points starting from 100 points for every booking you refer. These points will be added to your Rewards Account once your referee has checked out, which means you have the opportunity to earn points faster even when you are not in the resort but you must make sure that the person you are referring includes your Rewards Membership number when making the reservation!

Learn more about this programme by reading the FAQ here!

If your questions are not listed in the FAQ, please drop us an email to and we will assist you further.

Thank you for being a Dynasty Rewards member! To sign up you must have stayed before or have a reservation in the future. Click HERE to sign up!



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Social Media is all the hype and TripAdvisor is becoming an ever popular source that people are turning to for advice! Please share your experience during your stay in the Bali Dynasty Resort or your experience at our Golden Lotus restaurant and Gracie Kelly's Irish Pub and help us increase our ranking on Trip Advisor It means a lot to us!


Guest Feedback

Room was serviced very well. Very happy with our room attendant. Great service from all staff. My son had a accident on the slide and the staff were very good and did first aid on him. The Manager came down and rang doctor for me. Tegan AUS

We wanted to say thank you for the special effort you made for our son Sam for his birthday. The breakfast staff at H2O sang Happy Birthday to him. Thank you also for the cake that was in our room. Chantelle AUS

All staff are amazing also the band as well very good. Very nice towel animals, had a crab and elephant – nice touch. Claire UK

Very happy with everything. Thanks to all the staff. Cannot wait to book our stay with you again. Cassie NL

Very clean hotel with excellent staff who has made this hotel stand out even more. Very happy!!! Richard IN

I would like to acknowledge our room lady Erna. She was a very helpful and friendly lady and always made sure we were all right. Kerry AUS


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