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Welcome to our June 2012 Newsletter.

Welcome to another update in the June edition of our Newsletter!

Things keep getting better! This month we introduce you to our new Ashoka Spa which is due to open its' doors very soon as well as our new facility, the Flying Trapeze where the whole family can experience the exhileration of flying right here at the Bali Dynasty Resort! We have also swapped the locations of the exercise room and the Teen Club to better accommodate our guests.
In the month of July it will be your last chance to try out our Steamboat Promotion in Golden Lotus, so if you have not yet tried it then come along and enjoy this healthy way of eating!

How time flies! It's already 10 years since we first opened Gracie Kelly's and we will tell you all about our celebrations!

As we have always said; your opinions count and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed in Trip Advisor in making the Bali Dynasty Resort achieve top rank amongst 131 Kuta Hotels! 

We hope you enjoy the read and we hope to see you soon at Bali Dynasty Resort.



Your opinion counts!

Trip Advisor recently awarded the Bali Dynasty Resort their "2012 Certificate of Excellence” which is only given to hotels with a 4+ rating.

Thanks to all those that have placed reviews enabling us to climb from 6th place a few months ago to number one in Kuta!

We would also like to inform you that Gracie Kelly's Irish Pub and Golden Lotus Lotus Chinese Restaurant are on Tripadvisor and we would be gratefull if you could  take the time to give any feedback on both restaurants.


SKBBA Bikes at Dynasty

South Kuta Beach Business Association (SKBBA) in conjunction with sponsors, American Express/ Bank Danamon  recently conducted the official launch of it’s new “All the Fun Under the Sun Programme” whereby American Express/ Bank Danamon  sponsored 61 bikes and 29 bike stands as part of the revamped programme which runs with the new slogan of “Be Clean, Green and Lean”. This new initiative, replaces the previous shuttle bus service and aims to promote a more eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle to the visitors of South Kuta Beach Area offering them free cycle usage when staying in any of the 20 member hotels. 

This promotion has been a success in attracting guests to stay in the South Kuta Beach area by offering guests who stay for six nights or more at any member hotel the  ‘South Kuta Beach Passport’ which is a voucher booklet with a value in excess of $500 offering discounts and incentives on a variety of lifestyle, dining and entertainment options in the area as well as a free branded shopping bag.

For more information about the South Kuta Beach Business Association and what South Kuta Beach has to offer then visit www.southkutabali.com.


10 Years of Gracies

On Friday June 15th, Gracie Kelly’s, Bali’s 1st Original Irish Pub, celebrated its' 10th anniversary, 10 years of awesomeness, uniqueness, originality and “craic” (Irish for Fun!). Gracie Kellys 10th Brithday was one of the biggest days and nights of the year in Gracie Kelly’s when everyone and everything turned green

Friends and long time supporters of the famous Gracie Kelly’s were invited to join a special event commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the pub. Ten years earlier, Gracie Kelly’s marketed itself as the “First original Irish Pub” in Bali; ten years later Gracie Kelly’s remains the only “original” Irish Pub in Bali.The popularity of Irish pubs around the world continues as it is virtually impossible to not find such a unique representation of Irish culture on any continent.

Friends, regulars and media were welcomed and entertained by our two real life mischievous Leprechauns and entertained throughout the night by the Raid Paddies, the resident Irish Band.


Exercise Room and Den switch!

As part of our continuous improvement we recently relocated The Den Teen club to the previous location of the Exercise room. The new location is much brighter and more central for the teens to see what is going on in the resort and located closer to the all the other activities. The Exercise room has now been set up where the Teen Club was next to the Hospitality Lounge enablng Gym users to now use the adjoining changing faciltiies should they wish.


Tuesday Night at the H2O Restaurant

Our Theme Night Buffet Dinners offer you a great variety of Local and International cuisine each night. With nightly entertainment. 

Every Tuesday we have special Brazillian BBQ with meat presented and sliced on long skewers at your table and don't miss the Brazilian/Latin dance. only Rp170.000 nett.

Up to 2 kids 12 years and under EAT FREE from the Buffet when accompanied by two full paying Adults.


Happy Hour in Gracie Kelly's Irish Pub

It's Happy Hour again...

Enjoy the Happy Hour in Gracie Kelly's Irish Pub every night from 09.00pm  till 10pm.

Buy one Get One FREE on Bali Hai Draught Beer and 'Cape Discovery Sauvignon Blanc'


Chinese Steamboat Promotion

You have just one more month to try our Steamboat Promotion in Golden Lotus!

Our Chinese Steamboat, similar to the Mongolian Hotpot or Japanese Shabu Shabu,  is a popular way to enjoy an Asian meal with your own meats, seafood and vegetables. A rich aromatic stock is served at the table with delicious fresh accompaniments. You can choose from an array of raw and marinated ingredients to dip into this simmering stock

Rp. 150,000 net/person including a bowl of rice
(Minimum 2 persons)

Until the 31st of July we are offering two varieties of dishes, each served with rice and delicious Tom Yam or chicken stock;

1.Seafood Steamboat
with prawn, squid, fish, fish ball , tofu, glass noodle, Chinese cabbage , lettuce head in Tom Yam or chicken stock

2.Meat Steamboat
With beef, chicken, pork, beef balls, glass noodle, Chinese cabbage, lettuce head in Tom Yam or chicken stock


Flying Trapeze Classes starting soon!

Now everyone can experience some of the magic and mystique of the circus right here at the Bali Dynasty Resort!

High Flyers Bali offers a unique opportunity to experience the exhilaration of flying trapeze under tropical blue skies right here at the Bali Dynasty Resort.

Suitable for teambuilding groups or individuals aged between the ages of 7 and 70, High Flyers will enable people to develop and realise their inner potential. Classes start from US$35 per one and a quarter hour session. Course sessions will be available at a discount where many different types of tricks can be learnt. 

To learn more and keep up to date with High Flyers follow them on Facebook

Opening early July!


New underpass to help solve traffic congestion.

Traffic congestion at Bali’s busy Dewa Ruci intersection connecting Sanur, Kuta and Denpasar areas will be eased as soon as construction of the island’s first underpass, scheduled for completion in May 2013, is finished.

The new underpass project at Dewa Ruci has already progressed 27%.

Hendra Satrio explained that the project is well underway and the current work will widen the roads from the east and west, and will also create drainage systems.

“After the widening of the road from west and east is finalized, excavations for the north and south lanes will begin in August 2012,” he stated. 

Once finished the intersection of Dewa Ruci will comprise of eight lanes, four to the north and four to the south. Simpang Siur is the meeting point of traffic between Nusa Dua, Kuta, Sanur and the airport.

He said that the length of the road "underpass" will reach 435 meters and the Dewa Ruci statue at the centre of the roundabout will remain in place.


Go Beyond for a night or two!?

Why not experience beyond Bali on your next holiday and spend a couple of days in Jogjakarta and soak up the rich cultural heritage of the city as well as visit the famous Borobodur temple?

AirAsia Indonesia launched a new domestic route between Yogyakarta, Java and Denpasar, Bali with some great promo priced tickets. 

Currently AirAsia Indonesia connects Jakarta and Jogjakarta with three flights a day. In addition, they also serve two international routes from Jogjakarta – Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, once a day with an average daily load factor of 80%.

AirAsia Indonesia currently operates 100% with new Airbus A320’s. This makes them the youngest airline fleet with an average aircraft age of three years old.

The Bali Dynasty Resort has a sister hotel in Jogjakarta, the Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel which is a great base from which to start exploring central java!


Another Sustainability Milestone

The Bali Dynasty Resorts Charity Effort and fundraising just reached another milestone in the path to sustainability when the villagers of Pengalusan produced and sold over 300 handmade bamboo wastebaskets to the Bali Dynasty Resort for their guest rooms.

The Bali Dynasty Resort in conjunction with the East Bali Poverty Project has supported  this small and remote village in North Eastern Bali since 2003 hoping, through providing education, that in the long term the people of this community in time will become self sustainable.

Since 1998, The East Bali Poverty Project has strived to create a sustainable community by way of low-cost, high-quality, environmentally friendly solutions. One of their latest projects is the Bamboo Reforestation. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and on top of that it is the best known method of carbon sequestration.  The East Bali Poverty Project in conjunction with bamboo specialists such as the infamous Linda Garland, has taught the people in the surrounding villages how to plant bamboo, harvest it in order for the carbon to remain sequestered in its roots, and use it to sell for building projects ranging from huts to houses and the smaller projects such as the wastebaskets


365 Days in Year!

It is unbelieveable that someone else has reached the milestone of staying at the Bali Dynasty Resort for 365 nights! Michelle and Ian McCurley from New South Wales have now reached this milestone even though they only started  coming to the Bali Dynasty Resort in 2002. 

The McCurleys were recognised for their loyalty at the Bali Dynasty Resort Management Appreciation night and presented with a 5 night stay voucher in recognition of their loyalty.  

Here are some answers to our Questions to them:

1.  When was your first ever visit to the Bali Dynasty?
Our 1st visit to Bali Dynasty was in March 2002.  We were served our 1st meal by Darmadi at the Tropical Cafe on the night of our arrival & his big smile still hasn't changed. 

2. Why did you choose the Bali Dynasty Resort on your first visit?
We chose Bali Dynasty on our 1st stay after going through & reading all the brochures we liked what we saw and the variety of things on offer and also the location. We fell in love with the hotel on our 1st trip & couldn't wait to bring our family back

3.  What is it that makes you keep returning to the Bali Dynasty Resort?
There are several reasons we keep returning to the Dynasty. First and foremost the very Happy and friendly Staff who are very competent in everything they do. We still say you have the best staff on the Island. The large variety of superb food & Beverage outlets. I don't think there would be anywhere else that offers the Variety of foods that are available within the Dynasty. The food is always beautiful no matter which restaurant you eat at. We love that the hotel caters for all ages whether you are single a  couple or families, there are so many different activities offered throughout the day & night, there is something for the very young to the young at heart. We love that you can get involved & have as much fun as you like around the main pool or sit up at the Lazy pool in the quiet & totally chill out & relax & there is always service on hand  making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Our kids have grown up in the Kids Club & now they are too old they return on their own holidays to stay with you, & we are sure in the next few years they will bring their families to have the fun they had. We also love that Gracies is open every night offering a live band & great fun staff so if you just want to have a night in you can still have a great night of fun & dancing. The rooms are spacious & very well kept & the grounds are always immaculate. We have met so many friends at the Dynasty that we like to call our Dynasty family. It is such a friendly and wonderful place to look forward to coming back every holiday. 

4.  How long do you normally spend each visit and what is your most favourite past time whilst in Bali?
In the beginning we stayed for 2 weeks at a time. But these days we prefer 3 weeks to a month having overstayed our Visa on a few occasions & it is still not long enough. Our Favourite past time whilst in Bali we would have to say is just relaxing by the Lazy Pool. And spending time with the Beautiful Balinese people. Oh and chilling out with the band at the Sunset bar at Happy Hour. We also love to go on long drives around the island to see the villages & love it when we are lucky enough to see Large Ceremonies & the Balinese celebrating their very special Culture. 

We love that over the past 10 years we have seen so many changes at the Hotel to improve what we always think is the best and with each change, renovation or addition it just gets better and better better.  We love that you can interact and have fun with the staff in such a friendly atmosphere. The way we best describe it to our friends is


5.  As a regular visitor to Bali what would you recommend others to do whilst in Bali?
We always tell people to go & see the real Bali, see a Village visit a Temple & learn a bit about the Culture. We love the tours the Dynasty offers to a local village & also the fishing Village. They are not things that people would normally think of doing. 

We have travelled around Bali over the last few years staying at Dynasty for a couple of nights then go somewhere for a few nights whether it be Lombok or Gili Islands,  or North Bali. No matter where we go we can't wait to get back home & when we get back there we always say there is nowhere like the Dynasty. We love it and will always keep coming back & recommending our Bali home to all our friends & family.

Thanks to Bali Dynasty Resort and all your Management team for the outstanding resort we call our BALI HOME.

Michelle and Ian pictured below with members of the management team 


Tour of the Month - Sobek Batur Cycling

"Nothing beats Bali on a bike" - Cycling proves a refreshing way to see traditional island life -

Escape from the tourist center to the cooler climates of the Bali Mountain region. Using brand new mountain bikes and safety equipment, the downhill trail from Mount Batur will lead you through sleepy villages along little-used roads and tracks.

Frequent stops are made along the way giving you the opportunity to view aged temple compounds and shady plantations bearing a variety of crops. Local women regally carry festive offerings of fruit and flowers to appease the Gods, whilst village ducks are herded in humorous orderly processions. Young boy’s cut grass to feed the family cow whilst weathered old men gossip at the roadside stall sipping glasses of aromatic mountain ground coffee.

An air-conditioned escort vehicle is on standby at the end of your trip to take you to enjoy a replenishing buffet luncheon before returning to your hotel. All of Sobek’s guides come from the surrounding regions and are trained to entertain and educate by sharing a broad depth of knowledge in Balinese culture and lifestyle. This journey offers an insight into a Bali that is not commonly seen, and allows you to experience the charming culture of rural Bali. A fantastic day out packed with interest, education and fun!

For Special prices book the Sobek Cycling Tour at our Tours and Information Centre located near the Lobby.


What the Guests say!

All of the Restaurants and Bars were exellent and everything was lovely , we wouldn't changed anything
Mrs. T, Autralia

One of the important reasons to book your hotel was the good standard of the rooms
Mr. G, Holland

Wonderful, comfortable, a most pleasure able stay and all hotel staff are warm, friendly and have made our stay in Bali a true pleasure.
Mr. S, Germany

Good food, friendly satff. The breakfast at Sen5es is fantastic and had a great experience and will be back.
Mr. J, Singapore

The bar staff and waiters work incredibly hard and always have a smile on their face. The service prompt and never any problems.
Mr. D, Austalia

The best resort I have ever stayed.
Mr. B, Australia

The Kids Pool, New Kids Water Fun Zone and activities around the pool especially for the kids was fantastic.
Mr. N. Australia


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