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Welcome to the July 2011 edition of the Bali Dynasty Newsletter.

First of all a big thank you to all of you who voted for us in the recent poll in the acclaimed ‘Holiday with Kids’ magazine.  How did we fair? We will tell you later.

In this issue we look at our delicious ‘must try’ Bali Scallops promotion at Golden Lotus, a general look at Liquor prices in Bali, introduce our new Bali Hai Beer and tell you about our new Ladies Cocktail Hour at the Upper Deck @ H2O.

We also get an honorary mention in a best selling book and look at Bali Dynasty from the air!

Looking ahead to August which brings Indonesia’s 66th Independence day celebration on the 17th August and apart from our hotel’s festivities some of the Bali Dynasty Management and Staff will be visiting the Children of Cegi and Pengalusan villages for the children’s Independence day celebration. 
A report on our visit in next month’s Newsletter.

We hope you enjoy the read and see you soon at Bali Dynasty resort.



Bali Hai Beer

Introducing Bali Hai Beer, Bali’s local premier Beer.
Opening its doors in 1975, the Bali Hai brewery produced under license, San Miguel and Asahi beers.
The flagship brand 'Bali Hai Premium Beer' was initially produced in Bali in answer to the growing demand for a high quality premium beer.

Over the last few years the company has refined its premium beer giving you a moderate, slightly dry beer with a well rounded finish and creamy foam giving you a distinctive refreshing taste.
Many hotels and Bars are now using Bali Hai, which was recently the winner of our in house blind beer tasting survey, and is now the best value beer in the hotel.
A perfect thirst quencher for a balmy hot Bali day.
 We recommend you give it a try!


Golden Lotus promotion

From 1st August  to 31st October we present our ‘Bali Scallops Promotion’ at the Golden Lotus restaurant.
For seafood lovers, oriental style sea scallops are a light flavourful seafood dish making a great example of an authentic Chinese seafood dish that just melt in your mouth.
Caught fresh daily, and at only Rp.80,000 net/dish, we offer four different preparations.
You can chose from Sauteed Scallops with Szechuan sauce, Steamed Scallops on Japanese tofu with Black bean sauce, Battered Scallops with Lemon sauce & Sesame seed sauce or Sauteed Scallops with Garlic butter sauce.
Why not try them all on your next visit to Golden Lotus.


Did You Know?

Here are some did you knows from around the resort.

* During July & August Dine three times at a H2O Theme night dinner and  
  get the forth dinner free within a seven day period..
* Ladies Cocktail Hour is every evening at the Upper deck @ H2O between
   5pm to 6pm. Buy a Cocktail and get the second same cocktail FREE.

* Free Tapas to accompany your drink every evening at the Upper Deck @ H2O between 5pm to 6pm.
* Singlets are not allowed into the inside dining areas.
* Bali Hai Beer is now our new house pouring beer. Give the newly refined beer a try!
* A la carte dinner is served every evening at SEN5ES from 6pm to 10.30pm.
* The Surf Shack is now open providing Learn to Surf Lessons, Surf Tours and Branded Merchandise.


Holiday with Kids Award

The readers of 'Holiday with Kids' magazine, one of Australia’s most popular Family Travel & Lifestyle magazines, voted again this year for their favourite resorts in Bali, Fiji, Thailand, USA, Malaysia, South Pacific and Australia.

Bali Dynasty Resort is proud to announce that it has again been recognised in 2nd place in The Top 10 of Bali’s family friendly hotels & resorts. This is the fourth consecutive year that Bali Dynasty Resort has been in the Top 10 for Asia.

As quoted by the magazine, “If you are looking for family fun holiday, then you could not find a better place than the Bali Dynasty Resort. Adults can relax and enjoy the facilities of the ‘adults only’ lazy pool and enjoy massages and foot reflexology, while the children are safely tucked away in their own enchanted wonderland which includes a 56 metre giant waterslide ‘Caterpillar Splash’ flowing into their very own pool beside the enchanted garden themed Kids Club.”
For all of you who very kindly took time to vote for us a big thank you!


Liquor pricing

We have been receiving various negative comments with regards to the price of alcohol and we would like to clarify this situation!
As you might be aware in 2010 the government eliminated the luxury tax on alcohol and replaced this with an excise tax. The old luxury import tax cost consumers between 40% and 150% of the declared value of alcohol however the new excise tax that replaced this varies between 140% and 600% depending on the type and cost of the beverage. This new tax does not only affect imported alcohol but also impacted locally produced alcohol including local beers, wines, spirits etc.
This change leaves everyone frustrated and upset!
This new regulation is still being protested against by the powers that be including alcoholic beverage producers and distributors as well as hotels, restaurants, tourism and hotel associations and the national tourism sector and we are hoping that in time this decision will be reviewed in order that we can return to more realistic beverage pricing.
It is unfortunate that some people compare us to smaller establishments who are selling their products at much cheaper prices. There are very strict laws in Indonesia relating to alcohol as well as manpower and we consider ourselves an ethical company who fulfil our obligations to abide by the governing laws as well as to ensure the adequate welfare of our employees (our biggest asset) of whom many of our regular customers have complemented over the years for their friendly and happy nature which is achieved through above average welfare standards ensuring the happiness of both our employees and over 1000 dependents. 

I trust you will appreciate this situation and bear with us as we all try to overcome this situation!


Bali Dynasty Resort from the air!

Ever wondered what the resort looks like from the air?
We recently hired a professional Aerial photographer to take some photographs of our H2O restaurant.
The company specializes in ariel photography using large model helicopters outfitted with hi tech photography equipment.
The results are quite spectacular as you can see.


Indonesian Independance day

Well before Indonesian independance day on the 17th August preparations for the big day are under way.
Office buildings are draped in red and white bunting, shopping malls decorated in red and white and hold Independence Day sales and locals display large red and white flags outside their houses
Banjars (local councils) also may organize a clean up of the area or kerja bakti. Drains are swept, weeds are cut back, debris is burned and public areas are repainted.
Special activities for the neighborhood children are organized and requests are made for donations from homeowners to sponsor games and prizes for the children. Schools also hold contests to see which class can decorate their room in the most patriotic manner as well as holding games and races amongst classes.

Locals are requested by the Banjar to fly the Indonesian flag for a set period of time before and after the holiday.
But the most solemn ceremony of the day is the flag hoisting at the National Palace, televised live. Full of pomp and circumstance and conducted basically the same way each year, it is a spectacle of the greatest respect and honor for the flag and for the Republic.  
Meanwhile local neighborhoods gear up for fun and games for the kids. Krupuk (shrimp chips) eating contests, games, races and lots of fun fill the day. The women are busy in cooking contests to see who can make the biggest krupuk or the most delicious nasi tumpeng (rice cone).
As a visitor to Bali you are always welcome to join in the neighborhood activities. Join in the fun ... and spend time getting to know the friendly locals!


A novel idea!

A year ago one of our guests Martyn van Beek got married in our hotel. It was his 10th visit to the island and our hotel and loved staying at the resort.
In Holland he works as a writer and writes novels about espionage and adventures. His new novel is about Bali and the Bali Dynasty Resort is a part of the story.

The book tells the story about two boys who have a great adventure on the island and the Dynasty is their hotel. Only in the beginning they spend some time there and they describe the hotel as a perfect place to stay in Bali.
The book was launched in March 21, 2011 and sales have already reached bestseller levels.
The book is currently available in every bookstore in Holland and Belgium and there are already negotiations about releasing an English version for the Australian market.

Martyn says “Many readers will read about the Bali Dynasty and the wonderful times I have had there”. “For me it’s a way so show my appreciation for them organizing a wonderful wedding and a lovely holiday for us”. “For me it's only natural to start a book about Bali at the Bali Dynasty and although the story is complete fiction, the hotel is described exactly in the way I experienced it.”
For more information you can visit the special website about the book CLICK HERE


Our Star Performers

At our monthly staff gathering we celebrate our staff birthdays and present an update on new hotel products and services.  Here are our winners for May 2011.  These staff have excelled in their duties and the services offered to our guests.

Our old friend Froggy from the Recreation Department has been a regular Guest Nominee in our Newsletter, but this time he is our Employee of the Month for Front of the House.
Froggy has been with Bali Dynasty since 1994 is married and living in Denpasar with his two children

Nyoman Gunawan from Housekeeping is our Employee of the Month Heart of the House this month. Nyoman works in the Housekeeping Department and you have probably seen him when he's keeping your room clean and tidy.
Nyoman’s pleasant working attitude makes him a favourite with the other employees. Nyoman has been with Bali Dynasty since 1990.

Our Guest Nominee for this month is fast becoming a regular in our Newsletter.
Dewa Gede Adi Tirta, or Dewa to his friends, is the friendly smiling face of H2O, where he works as a Waiter.
He is known for going the extra mile and out of his way to help guests.

Congratulations to all our Winners!



Tour of the Month - Sobek Batur Cycling

Escape from the tourist center to the cooler climates of the Bali Mountain region. Using brand new mountain bikes and safety equipment, the downhill trail from Mount Batur will lead you through sleepy villages along little-used roads and tracks.

Frequent stops are made along the way giving you the opportunity to view aged temple compounds and shady plantations bearing a variety of crops. Local women regally carry festive offerings of fruit and flowers to appease the Gods, whilst village ducks are herded in humorous orderly processions. Young boy’s cut grass to feed the family cow whilst weathered old men gossip at the roadside stall sipping glasses of aromatic mountain ground coffee.

An air-conditioned escort vehicle is on standby at the end of your trip to take you to enjoy a replenishing buffet luncheon before returning to your hotel. All of Sobek’s guides come from the surrounding regions and are trained to entertain and educate by sharing a broad depth of knowledge in Balinese culture and lifestyle. This journey offers an insight into a Bali that is not commonly seen, and allows you to experience the charming culture of rural Bali. A fantastic day out packed with interest, education and fun!


What the Guests Say

Had a lovely dinner upstairs at H2O for my parents’ 50th anniversary. The setting was lovely and the food was generous. Thank you to Joni who made sure we were looked after. He is a lovely young, dedicated worker and an asset to your resort.
Mrs. J, Holland

Loved the tapas on the upper deck on H2O. The Staff were great and drinks were amazing.
Mr. W, Australia

Great resort catering for a wide range people, from families, young & teen kids and oldies. Good mix of facilities and activities. Close to all amenities and shopping within a short walk.
Ms. A, Holland

This is our forth time here and we love your changes, it just keeps getting better. Please say hello to Johnny and Dewa for us at H2O.
Mrs. K, Singapore

The staff were fantastic particularly Ami (Kids Club), Nyoman on the beach and Ketut (Room Assistant). Their friendliness made our stay incredible.
We ate at H2O every morning and on two evenings. It was excellent with great entertainment.
Mr. A, Australia

Loved the studio room, fantastic for our family.
The staff at the hotel are amazing. They always make an effort to say hello are especially brilliant with the children.
Mrs. H, Australia


Jl. Kartika, P.O. Box 2047, Tuban, South Kuta, Bali

+62-361-752403 +62-361-752402 reservations@bdr.pphotels.com

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