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The students of the East Bali Poverty Project celebrate the 68th Indonesian Independence day

20 August 2013

South Kuta – In the early morning of August 17th 2013, representatives from the Bali Dynasty Resort attended the East Bali Poverty Project's flag raising ceremony in the remote mountain hamlet of Desa Ban in North Eastern Bali where EBPP's 6 schools and local villagers converged in the dry river bed to celebrate Indonesia’s 68th Independence Day, which is yearly organized by the East Bali Poverty Project. The Bali Dynasty Resort, as in previous years, sponsored the Hygiene kits for each of all students and tutors of the 6 schools which consisted of towels, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste as well as fresh fruit to remind the villagers of the importance of good personal hygiene and healthy nutrition. The children of EBPP's schools prepared great performances from Balinese dances to drama and music. There were fun games organized for the kids such as krupuk eating contests and sack races making it a joyous occasion for all!

 The General Manager, Robert Kelsall together with the Director of Sales & Marketing and PR Co-ordinator were accompanied by the project director to observe the school at Pengalusan which Bali Dynasty Resort has been supporting since 2000. The villagers are quite isolated and remote from the rest of Bali and extremely poor. 

The Bali Dynasty Resort, through the Bali Dynasty Charity effort established in 2000 has supported the integrated education projects of the East Bali Poverty Project initially supporting two schools and now fully supporting Pengalusan with over 55 children. Since 2000, the Dynasty has raised over 2 billion Rupiah in aid making the Bali Dynasty Resort one of the leading sponsors of the East Bali Poverty Project. The donations mainly come from guests as well as special events such as the twice weekly quiz nights conducted in Gracie Kelly’s each Tuesday and Thursday evening as a well as major annual fundraiser in Perth; the Back to Bali Dynasty Party, which is held in February each year and is supported by all the resort’s major Australian travel partners and past guests.


More information with regards to the Charity Project can be found on the resort’s
website at www.balidynasty.com as well as information how you can help!

For further information, please contact
Public Relations
Irma Wardani
Email: pr@balidynasty.com Or visit our website www.balidynasty.com

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