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Gracie Kelly’s Launches Irish Beer

15 May 2013

Gracie Kelly’s as Bali’s only original Irish Pub is pleased to launch a famous Irish Beer, Kilkenny which is now served on tap in Gracie Kelly’s Irish pub.

The Kilkenny beer is only exclusively available in a couple of other venues in Bali, therefore for people wishing to taste this popular Irish beer; then be sure to visit Gracies! The Kilkenny is imported directly from Ireland and its’ heritage dates back to the 14th Century when it was brewed in the small town of “Kilkenny” for 300 years before moving to the Guinness brewery in Dublin in 2012.

Kilkenny is an exceptional red ale of super premium category beer brewed by Guinness breweries. It is mildly bitter and is known as the “young brother” of Guinness, due to the ancient recipe. Its full bodied flavour and clean refreshing taste combine with the nitrogenated creaminess to produce for you an indulgent experience. What sets Kilkenny apart from other beers is that being served in a similar manner to Guinness; it is nitrogenated, whereas other beers are commonly carbonated. This nitrogenation ensures Kilkenny Beer’s distinctive features – the velvety smooth, creamy head and the rich ruby red colour. These features come about while being brewed from 100% Irish malt which are mildly baked in the brewing process.

Kilkenny is unique due to its rich creamy head, the brand delivers a smooth flavourful taste and has 50% less carbonation than regular beers. It tastes smoother, but still retains full flavoured characteristics of an imported ale.

Gracie Kelly’s is located at the Bali Dynasty Resort and has just celebrated its’ 11th Anniversary. The popularity of the Irish pub concept is due to its’ relaxed dining environment and traditional Irish entertainment. The unique concept and interior adopts the theme of a traditional Irish country cottage pub combined with the traditional Irish Shop pub theme, which recreates the ambience of an old-style general store that can be found in every small Irish town. Gracie’s prides itself on serving wholesome home cooked food, specialities include beef and stout pie, bangers and mash and you cannot leave without testing Gracie’s Homemade Hot Sticky Toffee Pudding! 

Watch your favourite sports live on the big screen in air conditioned comfort or test your general knowledge skills and win great prizes twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday when it is Quiz Time to raise money for our Charity Effort. Open from 11am daily serving both lunch and dinner, Gracie Kelly’s certainly provides an atmosphere unique to Bali; with live music every evening and suitable whether you are looking for a good watering hole with friendly staff or a good wholesome home cooked meal!


For further information, please contact:
Nicoline Dolman
Director of Sales & Marketing
Email: dosm@balidynasty.com
Or visit our website www.balidynasty.com/gk

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