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Australian Day Celebration at Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub

07 January 2013

Gracie Kelly’s had celebrated a true Australian Day this year, which is situated at The Bali Dynasty Resort in Tuban. Jan 26th.

Australia Day is more than just a public holiday. Whether you're in the city, on the coast or in a regional area, there are thousands of events that celebrate everything that's great about being Australian. The great thing about Australia Day is that it's your day to do what you please, whether you're into the local thong throwing contests, welcoming new citizens into our country or lazing about listening to some of Australia's best musical talent.

It’s one of the biggest nights of the year in Gracie Kelly’s when everyone and everything turns green. With prizes for the best green outfits, a Bartender Show, Drinking Competition and green Beer and Cocktails on sale with our resident band the Rais Paddies rocking the blarney stone off it’s foundations.


Gracie Kelly’s is the first “original” Irish Pub which placed at the Bali Dynasty Resort. It has taken on the traditional Irish country cottage pub theme combined with the traditional Irish Shop pub theme, which recreates the ambience of an old-style general store that can be found in every small Irish town. Gracie Kelly’s certainly provides an atmosphere unique to Bali; whether you are looking for a good watering hole with friendly staff or a good wholesome home cooked meal!

For further information, please contact
Irma Wardani
Public Relations Coordinator
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