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Café Piazza

Cafe Piazza at the Bali Dynasty Resort is open daily from 8am - 10pm

Watch the world go by in the Cafe Piazza. Coose from a tempting display of freshly baked Pastries, Cakes, sandwiches and wraps.

The fan-cooled lounge area with its deeply-cushioned cane sofas and chairs provides a comfortable space to relax and enjoy am afternoon tea or a specialty coffee prepared by a qualified barista.  Alternatively, a fresh juice might be the beverage of choice on the extended wooden terrace or one of the Balés with views over the Balinese ponds and stone-carved watersprouts.

You can also enjoy some delicious mouth watering classic Italian gelato ice creams with a tantalising assortment of tropical flavours to choose from.

This Month Special Offer

Afternoon Tea

This month, Cafe Piazza offers a blissful afternoon tea experience from 3pm - 6pm daily. Spend the afternoon enjoying your favourite tea (or coffee) and delicious savoury delicacies.

A special introductory offer:

Classic Afternoon Tea 75K nett/pax, minimum 2 pax

Classic Afternoon Tea provides you a perfect combination of freshly brewed Café Piazza’s tea and an enticing array of cakes, such as the heavenly croissant sandwich, tasty chicken curry puff and a selection of petit fours. 

Balinese Afternoon Tea 75K nett/pax, minimum 2 pax

Balinese Afternoon Tea highlights the local delights, offering you assorted rissoles, banana fritters, deep-fried coconut prawns and selection of Balinese sweets accompanied by your choice of Café Piazza’s tea selection.

Little Rascal's Afternoon Tea 55K nett per kid

Little Rascal’s Afternoon Tea provides kids with a healthy smoothie, cupcakes and chicken fingers.

Prefer coffee instead of tea? Add only 20K!


Special Dinner Options

Indonesian Rijsttafel Dinner
The Indonesian Rijsttafel, a Dutch word that literally translates to ‘rice table’, is an elaborate meal adapted by the Dutch from the Indonesian feast called nasi padang. It consists of several traditional Indonesian dishes served in small portions, accompanied by rice. Every Tuesday, Rp. 360,000 net/couple including a special welcome drink.
Schnitzel Special Dinner
Choose from beef, pork or chicken Schnitzel with your choice of sauce. Every Friday, Rp. 150,000 net/person served with green salad and  potatoes

See the menu here!

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