Open Daily 9am – 7pm
Cutz4Kidz hair salon provides a great, fun experience in a kid-friendly environment with stylists who are specially-trained to style children’s hair.  
At Cutz4Kidz, the fun goes beyond the haircut! From funky hair to 3D nail art, our menu includes all your kid-specific salon needs.
Children can enjoy a ride in a Race Car, Motor Bike or ATV  while watching their favorite cartoons!

Kidz’ Hair Treatments
Hair Cut (+shampoo) | Rp. 120K
Hair Styling (shampoo + blow dry) | Rp. 100K - Rp. 250K
Cream Bath | Rp. 150K - Rp. 300K
Choice of cream: aloe vera, avocado, strawberry, carrot, tomato
Hair Braiding + shampoo | Rp. 150K - Rp. 500K

Kidz’ Nail Treatments
Nail Art 3D | Rp. 100K - Rp. 300K

Cutz4Kidz uses child friendly hair products, gentle on the skin, hair and eyes!

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