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Team building Activities

Involving an element of fun, teambuilding provides a perfect break from an intensive meeting environment, allowing the delegates some 'time out' while being faced with some challenging tasks where they can gain some serious learning points from 'learning by doing' (see the 'learning points' section below)

Each programme is facilitated by members of the hotel's management team and participants are encouraged to carry out a formal review after each task to evaluate the successes and carry forward any learning points to the next task that is set.

Tasks will dependent on the numbers of delegates involved and the weather conditions (ie. whether the activity needs to be carried out indoors or outdoors). Smaller teams of around 10 team members are quite often best, since this enables every individual to become involved in the task; whereas larger groups would be subdivided into different groups and dependent on the time available may carry out different tasks from other groups.


The importance of  communicating clearly to the team in order to establish a clear team 'vision'.  The team must all have a clear team vision

The team leader does not have to know the 'answer' or 'provide' the solution to the problem but can draw this information from the team members. There is a need for discipline among team members in order to achieve the task as well as the balance of 'fun' while maintaining discipline in the process of achieving the task.

The importance of recognising people's strengths and weaknesses and correctly assigning tasks to team members

The importance of time management in order to establish the task within the allocated time period
 The importance of resolving conflict and disagreements in order to achieve the task harmoniously
To recognise the importance of the planning process. The importance of developing a system or methodical way to approach the situation as well as prioritising  tasks
The importance of motivation in the process
 The need to help and encourage people in difficult situations
 The importance of recognising the successes as well as the failures
 The importance of 'ownership' of ideas and responsibility
The importance of listening and questioning to get clarification
 The importance of constant review and evaluation to check the team is on target

The importance of 1 to 1 attention and coaching to keep on track
The importance of support and encouragement

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